This Tricky Photograph Of Strawberries Is Messing EVERYONE’s Mind Up

This picture of a strawberry tart is causing people to lose their dang minds. At the risk of unleashing another tirade on ‘The Dress‘, it’s worth noting that there’s a very similar visual phenomenon going on here.

So what’s the issue with this photograph? Well, there’s not a single red pixel anywhere in the picture. It’s all blue-green pixels. But your mind won’t believe that and your eyes are going to tell your brain that this is a picture of red strawberries:

red strawberries optical illusion

Twitter / @Akiyoshikitaoka

This photograph was first shared by @Akiyoshikitaoka on Twitter and the image has since gone on to destroy people’s minds all across the planet. @Akiyoshikitaoka created this blue-green pixel image of strawberries as a demonstration of color, but what resulted has totally fucked with the Internet just like that infamous ‘The Dress’ moment, which coincidentally was a year ago last week.

The image has been edited using Photoshop-like tools to remove all red from the photograph. There’s not a single ounce of red in the picture, just blue-green. And even though I keep typing this over and over and over, and I know this to be true, I’m still seeing red.

Here’s the unedited image and the blue-green image set side-by-side, just to fuck with your mind even more:

blue green strawberries optical illusion

Twitter / @Akiyoshikitaoka

An image shared on Twitter by Japanese ‘experimental psychologist’ and Professor of Psychology, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, appears to show a bunch of red strawberries on a tart – and seems to be filtered with a blue hue.
But in reality, there is not a single red pixel in the picture.
‘Illusion of strawberry by the two-color method. Although this image are [sic] all made of the pixels of the cyan (blue-green), strawberries appear red,’ Prof Kitaoka wrote on Twitter.
‘Strawberries appear to be reddish, though the pixels are not.’
Expert on visual perception from the National Eye Institute, Bevil Conway, described the baffling image as an example of the brain ‘color correcting the world’ when it is filtered through a different light. (via Daily Mail)

This is that goddamn dress all over again. It’s your brain attempting to fix an incongruity perceived by your eyes because our brain doesn’t like when things are out of order.

If you’re confused why I keep referencing ‘the dress’ and you somehow missed that whole craze, let me clue you in on that photograph….Half of the world mistakenly sees this dress as being white and gold when in reality the dress is blue and black:

Image (1) dress.jpg for post 20100791

This same phenomenon popped up a few months back with a pair of flip flops that mind fucked people in the same was as The Dress:

Flip-Flops- Color

@positivedemi / Twitter

They’re all Blue-Black, but because of the lighting, some people’s brains want to see White-Gold. Our brains really hate being wrong. This is why every American is unwilling to admit the candidate they backed in the Presidential Election (all of them) was a complete shit head. Everyone wanted to think they were right, or rather, they didn’t want to accept that they were wrong (spoiler alert: we were all wrong, everything sucks, the world is on fire).

If you see red in that image of strawberries you just need to accept the fact that seeing isn’t always believing.

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