Bouncer Who BRUTALLY Choke Slammed Dude’s Face Into The Pavement, Seems Ready For The WWE

by 4 years ago

Barcelona looks like a fancy lounge or bar, they have a eye-catching awning and all of their bouncers have matching snazzy black t-shirts. So a fine establishment such as this can’t have ruffians ruining the experience of drinking a fermented beverage with their shenanigans.

The professional bouncers seem well-trained in the latest procedures on how to effectively immobilize mischief-makers with the least potential to harm them. Actually come to think of it, the bouncers all seem to be trained on how to put someone into a chokehold.

When the video begins you can see a patron being detained with a chokehold to the right of the entrance and another man is being held with a chokehold in the doorway. Apparently both men are being held until police arrive at the scene.

One of the fellas decides that he isn’t interested in waiting around for the cops to arrest him, he tries to hightail it outta there. The bouncer isn’t having it. The bouncer regains his grasp on the fleeing man’s head, launches him into the air and then choke slams him to the ground. He doesn’t smash him onto a wrestling mat or a fun ball pit, he viciously demolishes him on the pavement. It seems like the bouncer may have been a teeny tiny bit excessive in shattering the dude’s hip first and turning his orbital socket into gelatin. But hey that’s just me.