Here’s What Breast Implants Stuffed With $2.5Mil Worth of Cocaine Look Like After They We’re Ripped Out of a Woman’s Chest


Because I’m a saint, I will spare you the photo of the jacked-up tits these cocaine-filled implants were pulled out of because THEY NASTY. However, if you want to see them, please find your way over to Mirror.

According to Mirror UK

A woman has been caught trying to smuggle 1.7kg of cocaine into Spain inside her breast implants.

The Venezuelan traveller was arrested at Madrid airport after customs officers noticed her breasts were an ‘odd shape’, they told the Spanish media.

The woman, who had arrived on a flight from Colombia, was taken to hospital where surgeons removed the drugs which had a street value of around £1.5million.

I don’t do drugs (See: that part about me being a saint) so I have no idea what the street value of cocaine is, but this doesn’t look like $2.5 million worth of anything to me. Is that really all the coke you need to become a multimillionaire? Honest question, because I know a guy who might be willing to fly down to Madrid and rob the Policia Nacional blind.

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