Bro Teaches His Mom To Awkwardly Dance ‘The Whip’ On Mother’s Day, Hilarity Ensues

Tremendous video clip from a BroBible reader. This Bro taught his mom how to dance Silento’s “Watch Me” a.k.a. “that whip song.” We’re told the Bro in the oxford and pair of chinos is nicknamed is “So Icey,” which explains why ladies get a spine-tingling chill from those raw hip thrusts on the dance floor. His Mom is tearing it up too.

Every Bro has a friend in their group with incredible, awkward dance moves like this. It’s so damn endearing, like McLovin’ after a couple of gin and tonics. You just have to have to respect how his swagger can dominate the room.

So Icey must be a machine at formals, office holiday parties, and weddings. 

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