A Brothel’s Holding An ‘Open House’ To Raise Money For Some Children’s Charity Because Bake Sales Are Overrated

Gone are the days of holding bake sales and carwashes to raise money for charity. It’s 2016, and that means that brothels are thinking outside (and inside, if you know what I mean) the box to raise money for charity. Case in point, the ‘Shh… Adult Fun Spot’ house of ill repute in New Zealand will be holding an open house to raise money for a children’s charity. They’re opening their doors to everyone (18 or older) to come in, check out the place, meet the women, ask them about what it’s like to get nailed for money, etc etc.

Ibtimes.com reports:

The funds raised through the event will be sent to Kai Kitchen, which feeds up to 40 hungry school-going children in South Taranaki district located in New Zealand‘s west coast. During the day-long event on 12 March, visitors will be given a tour of the business and will also be answered if they have any questions about the job. The open day is allowed for adults only.
The owner of the legally-run business said “light refreshments” will also be served in return for a gold coin donation. Nicky Hughes, the proprietor of the brothel, said: “[It’s an] awesome cause, feeds our children, no discrimination, no judgment and the kids are able to have a lunch. This industry gets a bit of bad rap and we want to open up to the public to show what it is we really do.” Hughes is also a committee member of Kai Kitchen.

Hughes added she does not know how many people would turn up for the event. Three of the staff members will be available on the day to give guided tours and for the question-and-answer sessions.
The children’s charity said they do not bother about where the money comes from. “This is how I look at it. I’m really open-minded and the work we do, we don’t judge people. If somebody needs help we just help them and in return I would expect people to do the same for us,” said Rochelle Steer, the founder of Kai Kitchen, according to the Taranaki Daily News.

So it doesn’t sound like this ‘open house’ involves too much sex, but given that it’s a brothel I’m 99.99% certain that anyone attending the open house will be able to hizznit the skizzins, if that’s what they’re looking to do.

Now, I have no basis to believe that this might exist but I like to think that somewhere in that whore house there’s a ‘Wall of Fame’ or a ‘Wall of Shame’, showing portraits of their most prolific customers or the customers that have skimped out on the bill. How amazing would it be to go to a brothel’s open house, walk in the front door and see a portrait of your next door neighbor bill surrounded by a mound of 15 or so chicks? If the sex industry isn’t already putting up these shrines they really need to get on it.

[h/t IBTimes]

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