Watch A. Smith Bowman Distillery Construct A Glorious Copper Whiskey Still In Two Minutes In This Beautiful Time-Lapse Video

A. Smith Bowman

As one of the web’s preeminent consumers of whiskey, I was contacted by distilleries Buffalo Trace (makers of a little thing called Pappy Van Winkle) and A. Smith Bowman, wondering if I might be interested in watching a video of a whiskey still of theirs being constructed.

When they said it was going up in Fredricksburg, VA, not far from my hometown of Annandale, I thought, sure. Why not? Whiskey? Being made close to me? I love it.

Plus, this is a bad-ass sounding still. It’ll hold 500 gallons of whiskey when it’s done, which corresponds to “a fucking lot of whiskey.”

Designed to create more than just whiskey, the new still was custom made, with unique features chosen by Master Distiller Brian Prewitt that allow him the freedom to explore his passion for creating new and exciting expressions. George also enables A. Smith Bowman to craft spirits from start to finish.

George is a 500 gallon hybrid pot still with a reflux onion, optional gin basket, and attached columns with bubble cap trays. These features allow Prewitt to create many different flavor profiles and a variety of spirits including vodka, gin, and whiskey. Standing at 24 feet tall with a pot that is approximately 1,700 pounds, George will weigh nearly four tons when full.

George arrived at the Distillery after making his journey from Vendome Copper and Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was built. Though George is now fully assembled, final connections are still in process before his inaugural distillation run. George is expected to be in full operation starting in March.

Sick. Here’s George being assembled. He’s a good looking dude. //

I can’t wait to drink something from him.