Bugatti Is Building A Luxury Speed Boat Inspired By The $2.6 Million Bugatti Chiron, Complete With A Fire Pit And Jacuzzi

If you’re fabulously rich and have no idea what to do with your money, Bugatti has your back. This year the Italian luxury sports car company will make 500 Bugatti Chirons, the 1500-horsepower “hypercar” with a $2.6 million pricetag. 36% of the orders are in the Middle East. But why stop at just owning a car when you can own a Bugatti yacht? With an undisclosed price tag, the auto manufacture will move into the luxury nautical space, producing a 66-foot speed boat with a huge king sized bed in the cabin, a fire pit, and a Jacuzzi on the stern. It’s fit for an episode of HBO’s Ballers.

via Digital Trends:

At 20 meters long, the Bugatti Niniette 66 has a slim main hull with left and right sponsons — projections that extend from the side of the main hull. The sponsons aren’t visible from the side of the craft, but they add stability and allow a wider-than-normal beam, in this case, 6.5 meters or a little more than 21 feet. Generous use of carbon fiber gives the yacht structural rigidity and reduced weight.

It’s a Bugatti, so you know there’s plenty of power. Two 1,000-horsepower MAN V8-1000 engines are paired with Marine Jet Propulsion waterjets to propel the Niniette to a maximum speed of 44 knots. All that power is controlled by joystick in the Ninette’s topside cockpit where an interactive infotainment system also controls navigation, systems monitoring, and entertainment. One of the benefits of the Palmer Johnson sponsor and slender hull design is the yacht’s shallow 1.3-meter draft, about 4 feet, which enables it to enter waters denied most boats of this class because of their deeper draw.

The collaboration comes with some help from Palmer Johnson Yachts, makers of some of the finest boats in Monaco.

In the words of the great Dave Chapplle:

Hope it comes with some dinosaur eggs to scramble in the galley.

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