Burger King: ‘Fine, There Was Just a LITTLE Bit of Horse Meat in Our Burgers’

From Grubstreet:

Looks like someone got a little creative with the custom blend, messed up in the slaughterhouse, or didn't wipe down the grinder too carefully: Burger King announced that contrary to an earlier assertion, there are in fact “very small trace levels” of horse DNA in its products, but that it has taken action in order to cut out the horse-contaminated meat from its supply chain. It is thought that the multinational Silvercrest Foods bought meat from a “non-approved supplier” in Poland, and the fast-food chain hadn't been able to detect equine DNA earlier this month when it performed tests on its patties, in part because “testing for equine DNA is not a standard practice used in beef production.”


Dirty little secret of horse meat: It's apparently pretty damn tasty. Only recently has it become taboo to eat in the Western world (and with good reason), however for other cultures and Anthony Bourdain, it's still consumed.

I mean, I haven't tried it and never will. BUT, I'm just sayin'… Those Whoppers might have been more appetizing than your normal barely-beef fast-food burger.

[Horse staring image via Shutterstock]