Buzzkill Scientists Say Weird Light Pattern From Nearby Star Is Not An Alien Megastructure


Look, I know that scientists are obligated to find and tell the truth, and only the truth, but like come on dudes, throw us a fucking bone every once in a while, you know? Like, quite harshing our damn buzz so damn much.

Last month, we told you that the Kepler space telescope spotted a very intriguing star system that — while probably not aliens — at least had the faint possibility that it could harbor extra-terrestrial life.

Indeed, the pattern of light it emitted was so intriguing that astronomers believed it merited immediate observation. That request was granted by SETI officials.

Now, scientists are here to tell you “Nope. Not aliens.”

Fucking scientists, dudes. From the Daily Mail:

After pointing satellites towards the unusual ‘structure’ 1,480 light-years away from Earth, experts have now ruled out the extraterrestrial theory, concluding it is ‘probably a natural phenomenon.’

In order to explore the idea that such a structure could have been built by intelligent alien life, the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, Seti, trained its Allen Telescope Array on the star for more than two weeks.
Experts looked for two types of radio signal: narrow-band signals that would be generated as a ‘hailing signal’ for alien societies wanting to announce their presence, and broad-band signals.

Scientists analysing the data found no clear evidence for either type of signal between the frequencies of one and 10 GHz.