Can A Hockey Puck Stop A Bullet? That Answer’s Not As Simple As You Might Think (Slow-Mo HD)

It’s a simple question: can a hockey puck stop a bullet? But the answer’s not so simple, because as everyone knows: all bullets are not created equal. If you’re just here to know the answer and not see the totally badass test footage then I’ll just straight up tell you, yes, a hockey puck can stop a .22-caliber bullet and no, a hockey puck cannot stop higher caliber bullets.

I hope that you’re not here just to know the answer though because this clip’s all about shooting the ever living shit out of hockey pucks with some of the most badass guns on the market. If, like me, you’re into seeing the footage then I think you’ll appreciate the handful of GIFs I’ve made to illustrate how incredibly fun it looks when a set of hockey pucks is shot with high-powered rifles.

First up we’ve got the .22-cal rifle shooting a hockey puck…in this round the puck wins:

Moving up in fire power we’ve got complete and utter destruction:

So the answer is yes and no, hockey pucks can and cannot stop bullets depending on the caliber of the bullet.

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(h/t FullMag YouTube)

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