What To Do When Your Daughter Doesn’t Make Cheerleading Squad? Threaten To Sue School District Of Course

Not satisfied with going full Randy Marsh and brawling with the umpire when he calls strike three on their son, little Jakob, at his Little League games, awful parents are exploring brave new avenues to prove to the world that they will do anything to advance their child’s meaningless athletic career. The insanity now includes parents threatening to sue the pants off a school district because their daughter didn’t make the stupid cheerleading team.

A senior student failed to make the cheerleading squad for the Leon High School in Florida. She didn’t initially make the varsity team last year either. Then at this year’s tryout, she fell twice during a tumbling routine and was ranked too low for a spot on the squad. Well, looks like the girl needs to hit the books because she definitely won’t be getting a cheerleading scholarship any time soon.

The delusional parents couldn’t accept that their precious snowflake wasn’t good enough to make the cheerleading squad, so they told her to practice harder. Just kidding! The parents threatened to sue the school district.

Hey parents, it’s called a “TRYOUT” and not a “SUEOUT” for a reason. The potential cheerleaders TRY OUT for the team and showcase their talents to see who is QUALIFIED for the team. You can’t validate your daughter’s lack of cheerleading skills by terrorizing an entire school district with a lawsuit.

Caylen Berry, Leon’s head cheerleading coach, isn’t putting up with this bullshit. She said she refuses to have “something like this” stain her eight-year career.

“They should not put an athlete on the team that doesn’t deserve to be on the team,” Berry said. “A decision like this would question my integrity as a professional. It also questions the entire legitimacy of tryouts and cheerleading as a sport.”

Apparently, the school is considering adding the girl to the cheerleading squad because of course they are. Why should anyone have to earn something in 2016?

“This is just a thing the district does and thinks is okay,” Berry added. “I don’t know why the district feels the need to go behind the back of the coaches and the school.”

Berry and other fellow coaches “said they likely would quit the team themselves if the selection process were bypassed” and the Veruca Salt of cheerleading was added to the team.

Chris Petley, a spokesman for the district, said officials were “made aware of a parent’s complaint” and have “forwarded information back to Leon High School.”

This is what happens when every kid gets a trophy; when every parent sincerely and blindly believes that their child is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and when parents give their children too much support and constantly tell them they are the best without merit.