Stoners Rejoice! Cheetos Popcorn May Become The Movie Snack Of The Future

CHEETOS. POPCORN. Finally, a snack at the movies that can satiate my munchies after smoking two blunts in the parking lot before strolling into Furious 7, crosseyed. Keep your Snow Caps.

The food of the future, as I’ll refer to it, was debuted at this year’s CinemaCon. With megastars like Vin Diesel and The Rock in attendance, no star reportedly generated as much excitement as Cheeto’s mascot, Chester Cheetah. No doubt he screwed some CinemaCon groupies in between shifts. Chester, maybe if you weren’t banging groupies on the clock, your weiner wouldn’t be spotted.

Chester and his Frito-Lay salespeople were reportedly testing out whether or not Cheetos Popcorn would be a snack movie-goers would gravitate to. I’ll save you the suspense, Corporate:

Alexia Allina, a spokesperson for Frito-Lay relayed in an email statement that the snack is still in its infantile stages of development:

“As a company, we’re always innovating and testing new product concepts to see what resonates best with our consumers. Cheetos Popcorn is still in the very early development stages. As soon as we have more details to share, we’ll let you know.”

I’ll wait. Impatiently.

[H/T USA Today]

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