Did This Chef Get Caught Cutting A Line Of Cocaine On Live TV?

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Is this chef about to do a massive line of cocaine while on live TV? I certainly don’t know for sure, but damn this gentleman seemed quite annoyed when the camera caught him cutting up nose candy with a credit card and a rolled up note very handy.

You the reader may say, “Pardon me good sir, without knowing all the facts, this video appears to be fraudulent in my humble opinion.”

Who am I kidding, you’d say something more along the lines of, “Hey fucktard! This video is so fucking fake, you’d have to be an idiot (Which you are) to not realize that. No way a man could handle that gorilla finger line of coke. Go off yourself with a toe trigger shotgun.”

I too thought this video was fake at first. I surmised that this has to be a sham because it’s on live television and if he was that nervous about his television appearance why couldn’t he have just done a bump before going on the set?

Plus this is in a kitchen set with a slew of things that look like cocaine: bleached white flour, baking soda, cornstarch, powdered sugar, even granulated sugar could appear to be coke with such a quick glimpse as seen in the video.

Then I saw his eyes.

That’s the look of, “Motherfucker, why are you pointing a camera behind me blowing up my spot? I need that coke in my system to get through this shitty morning show shenanigans where I make these asshole hosts an omelet. If there wasn’t cameras everywhere I’d twat-swat you to next week.”

Plus he’s all sweaty and just looks like an individual who would want to pounce all over that line of coke.

What a wacky mix up it would be if the chef next to him grabbed the cocaine, thinking it was flour, and added it to his bouillabaisse to thicken the broth.

So is this chef cutting up cocaine on live TV? The world may never know.

Of course there’s already a thug life version.