Chef Gets Sweet Revenge On Two Entitled Women Who Wrote Bad Yelp Reviews

There are many great things about Yelp: It’s perfect for finding the cleanest strip club in a city you’re not familiar with after a succulent steak dinner at a local chophouse. Like everything, though, there’s a dark side to the review website. In the case of some restaurant and bar owners, they live and die by the customer reviews on Yelp, especially if their business is just trying to get its feet off the ground. Some are fair, many are not. And Yelpers can be notoriously nit-picky, dickish, and entitled to restaurants, who know that bad reviews can be brutal for business. This creates a Catch-22 vacuum of suck: The businesses have to cater to Yelpers because they know their power. The Yelpers abuse their power by acting unreasonable. Everyone loses.

A Boston chef is sick of these shenanigans. According to Food Beast, chef Michael Scelfo of Alden & Harlow in Cambridge put two women Yelpers on blast after they entered the restaurant and started acting like… dicks. Huge dicks. He wrote:

shout out to these two winners for seating themselves with no reservations, insulting and berating our staff, refusing to leave and all the while yelping away in front of us as a means of threat. #kbye#wedontnegotiatewithyelpers

According to Eater, he later added, “It’s one thing to be entitled, but mistreat my family. Hell no.”

The chef also suggests Yelp adopt the Uber business model of letting establishments rate its customers. As someone who has dealt with a fair share of assholes in restaurants, I kinda love this idea:

looks like @instagram pulled it.#wedontnegotiatewithyelpers stands true though, and I would encourage more people to be responsible with it. Uber allows for service providers to rate customers, we should move to that system. I will always stand by my staff, always.

Can’t blame him for putting the ladies on blast. And he is now being heralded in Boston as the hero the city’s restaurant community needs. Sometimes playing the cards you’re dealt is all it takes to win in life.

Take that, Yelp mob.

[H/T: Food Beast]

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