Chipotle FINALLY Offers Drive-Thru Service But Only At One Location

Chipotle has had a string of incidents where their customers have gotten sick from a norovirus recently. There were 135 burrito-loving customers who got sick from eating at the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Sterling, Virginia. Chipotle shares dropped nearly 8% on Wednesday after word got out about the recent eruption of customers getting the green apple splatters. With the series of customers squirting out Havana omelets into toilets, it caused the whirlwinds of a sinister conspiracy theory that Chipotle orchestrated the ill-timed outbreaks. This week, Chipotle, much like their customers, could not hold it in any longer, and broke the news that they were testing out drive-thru windows at their burrito restaurants.

During a call with investors, Chipotle executives announced that the delectable burrito chain would test a drive-thru window at a location in Ohio this fall. “We need to evolve the Chipotle experience,” CMO Mark Crumpacker said on the call. Chipotle executives did not specify whether this drive-thru window will come to more locations or if adult diapers would be provided with every order.

The burrito joint is hoping that their “vehicular pickup window” could help get rid of their shitty reputation that stems back to the great E. coli crisis of 2015 where 500 people got ill from tainted burritos. A drive-thru could help alleviate their notorious long lines, or they could continue to get customers sick which will also alleviate their notorious long lines. Chipotle is still far behind Taco Bell in the convenience factor. Lyft and Taco Bell announced this week that they are partnering up to bring drunks and stoners to get late-night munchies.