These 5 Chipotle Secret Menu Items Are Gamechangers

The Internet has a pretty big obsession with “secret menu” items at fast food restaurants. The Greatest Hits list includes the McDonald’s McGangbang (off the Dollar Menu you order one double cheeseburger and one Spicy McChicken sandwich; Spit the double cheeseburger between the patties, and then put the Spicy McChicken sandwich inside the double cheeseburger), the Taco Bell: Chili Cheese Burrito, and In-and-Out Burger’s famed Animal-style fries. But what about at every Bro’s favorite chain restaurant, Chipotle?

The dudes over at Business Insider compiled a pretty genius list of Chipotle hacks, via Hack the Menu. After a little investigation this afternoon, I found out via a couple of food blogs that Chipotle has an unwritten policy allowing the customer to order whatever the hell they want, as long as it’s within reason. So, next time you and our Bros head to Chipotle to crush a ‘rito, impress them (and everyone else in line) by ordering one of these Chipotle secret menu items.

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Chipotle Burritodilla

What is it? An extra-cheesy burrito mashed-up with a quesadilla, with a crunch. It has half the fillings of a regular Chipotle burrito are sandwiched between massive handfuls of cheese.

How to order it: Have them make a burrito with about half of whatever ingredients you like. One site notes to “try to stay away from messy stuff like guacamole.” Then add A LOT of cheese. Then have them fold the tortilla into a half circle and put on the giant circular press. The press gives it the delicious crunch.

More info via Hack the Menu 

Chipotle Quesarito

What is it? A burrito in which the “shell” of the burrito is actually a gooey cheese quesadilla.

How to order it: Have the Chipotle-person-behind-the-counter sandwich a ton of cheese between two tortilla shells. Then ask him to heat it in the warmer like a quesadilla. To be polite, let the person behind you order while you wait. Once the quesadilla is done, just tell the server what usual burrito items and meat you want inside what is now becoming a Quesarito burrito. Then have them wrap it up into a burrito. Mmmm.

Taco Salad

What is it? A taco salad, Bro. Not that complicated…

How to order it: Not every Chipotle has a taco salad on the menu. If there’s no line, see if your Chipotle server can make a tortilla crispy for you, then fill it accordingly, like a burrito bowl. Boom, Taco Salad.

Fresh Cilantro


What the is it? A delicious, meal-enhancing herb, idiot.

How to order it: Ask for it. Every Chipotle has a stash of cilantro that they use to make the fresco. Get your greens by having them throw a heaping handful into your burrito. Plus, their lettuce is kinda “meh.”



What the is it? I don’t have to explain what nachos are, right?

How to order it: Ask for nachos. Chipotle doesn’t make it known that you can order nachos, but it’s pretty easy for a Chipotle worker to make them. Just ask for Chipotle tortilla chips in a bowl and go to town with your toppings. Boom — nachos. Just remember, the guacamole is ALWAYS extra.

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