This Outfit Will Never Get You Laid On A Date So Wear Something Else Next Time

Man In Shorts


This is what I’ll never understand about men and clothing — how much easier does it have to be to dress well? Because it COULDN’T be easier. Walk into any store and there are at least ten mannequins wearing entire outfits. Open up any men’s magazine and there are pages and pages of men in clothes that can be bought online or in stores. Most department stores and men’s speciality shops have people on staff who get paid to help people pick out clothing.

With all these resources available, why do some men still look like absolutely garbage? Laziness is the only reason and that lazinesses is probably preventing a ton of men from getting laid. Dating site surveyed approximately 70,000 men, posing the question “What were you wearing on a date the last time you got laid?”

So which outfit never gets a man laid on a date? A t-shirt and shorts got 3% of the men polled laid. Not surprising, since a woman is probably INSTANTLY turned off if a guy shows up for a date in cargos and a RUSH ZBT 2012 sleeveless. The only time it’s forgivable to wear shorts and tee on a date is either if you’re going hiking or….that’s fucking it, hiking. Hiking or any athletic excursion.

Results reveal that men should make a blazer, v-neck and jeans their signature date outfit. Over 54 percent of respondents claimed to have worn this the last time they got laid after a date with a button down shirt and khakis coming in second.

So for your own sake, men, put a little effort into your outfits for the next date. And if it does come down to getting laid at the end of the night, never try any of these moves.

[via WhatsYourPrice]