Coca-Cola Uses Sexy Models Covered In Milk For New Ad Campaign And Of Course It’s Pissing People Off

For some scary reason Coca-Cola is now in the milk business with something called Fairlife, a “premium milk brand.” As a part of their new ad campaign Coca-Cola has re-purposed some year-old photos that when we first saw them we thought were sexy as hell.

And in that context they were fine, it was art and no one really had a complaint. Problem now is that Coca-Cola is using the photos to promote their Fairlife milk products with taglines like “Drink What She’s Wearing” and “Better Milk Looks Good On You.” The latter slogan features a woman with what appears to be milk shooting out of her butt. Tasty

The Guardian, among other places, call the Fairlife ad campaign “unoriginal and tediously sexist.”

Not that I disagree with them, but did anyone else ever think that when those Got Milk? ads featured a lovely young lady with a white substance on her upper lip it appeared like there was some very subtle sexual innuendo going on with them? Maybe it was just me, but they didn’t seem to draw near as much ire as this ad campaign.

What do you think? Are these Fairlife ads sexist or are people just complaining because that’s what people love to do?