Cop Punks Bro By Pretending To Let Him Go, Bro Punks Him Right Back By Stealing Cruiser While Handcuffed (Video)

by 3 years ago

This video is extremely long, but it is phenomenal. I’ll try to walk you through it so you can do it in a couple of minutes.

It starts with 23-year-old Benjamin Harris getting pulled over for making an unsafe lane change. Watch up until the part where Harris says he doesn’t know where he was coming from. “With GPS,” he says, “you don’t even need to know anymore.”

Yea, uhh sure, what.

Skip to 9:30. The cop and him having been bantering back and forth. Turns out Harris’s license is suspended, but the cop plays it like it’s no big deal. He gives him a warning and says he’s free to go.

Unless, that is, if he’s transporting drugs. PRANKED.

No, says Harris, and consents to a search. At the 11:30 mark, the cop comes back to tell he’s found a suspicious suitcase in the car and handcuffs him. The other cop chucks bags of marijuana from it at him (literally).

Head to 20:20. Watch him look over at the ignition.

Enjoy. The bags of marijuana go flying. The K-9 is still in the car. He crashes and runs.

Harris was apprehended an hour later and booked on $45,000 bail.

[Via Police One]

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