Guy Pleads Guilty After Cops Find 27 Packages Of Cocaine Up His Rectum



[joke about rectum/killed ’em and drug mules]

A man in England plead guilty to smuggling cocaine up his ass in a Jamaican court yesterday.

Kevin Peart, 43, was caught trying to sneak the drugs onto a plane on October 17 at the Sangster International Airport. Peart was ready to get on a flight when a cop noticed he was “acting suspiciously.” How could a dude act normally with 27 pounds of blow up his crack?

“Peart was taken to an interview room, where he admitted to pushing 27 packages of cocaine into his anus. He was taken to another room where he subsequently passed out the packages, and when cautioned by the officer, he reportedly said, “I am not dealing.” He was then arrested and charged.”

He’s not shitting either.

H/T The Jamaica Online Star