New Father Posts Craigslist Ad Seeking To Bang Nurse Who Delivered His New Baby

In my lifetime I’ve easily read more stats about ‘how often men think about sex’ than I could count, and the point has sunk in: we’re pretty much always thinking about sex.

But, buuuutttttttttt, there are times when you should absolutely not be thinking about sex. Like at the funeral of an immediately family member, or perhaps in the delivery room as your baby is being born.

And even if the thought of sex pops into your head while you’re in that room watching your child be delivered, just block it out. What you definitely DO NOT DO is think it’s a good idea to lust after that nurse to the point of posting a ‘missed connection’ on Craigslist for the nurse that delivered your baby. No, you do NOT do that.

But here we are, we’re living in a world where some guy from Jacksonville, North Carolina (near Camp Lejeune) thought it would be a good idea to post a Craigslist ad for the nurse who delivered his child. Presumably he did this to bang the nurse, and not because ‘he would really like to talk to her more’. But heck, maybe we’re dealing with the world’s most sensitive father and I’m completely off base here. You be the judge:



via Craigslist

If any readers out there know our faceless Don Juan, and have any more details on this story, feel free to drop us a comment down below.


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