OUCH: Watch This Crossfit Bro Fall From The Very Top Of A Salmon Ladder


These Salmon Ladder fails are INTENSE. A lot of people thought I was being harsh on that Bro who fell at the bottom of a Salmon ladder last week. I’m sorry, Three Stooges-style physical comedy like that is funny. The guy is powering through the reps like a champ when he unexpectedly eats it at the bottom. Is it wrong to laugh? Maybe. Do I still respect the hell out of him for being a shredded beast of a human being? OF COURSE I do.

It’s the same situation with this Bro who, spoiler alert, eats it at the very top of this Salmon Ladder. He falls at least 10 feet, which had to knock the wind out of him after taking a toll from gravity like that. There’s no doubt in my mind he got right back up, took a lap, and conquered that mountain.

But still… It’s fun to watch him eat it for the LOL.

While we’re at it, here’s that fail from last week.

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