A Kid Has A Loose Tooth So His Dad Decides To Forgo Logic And Use A Helicopter To Pull It Out

Parents are weird. I’m just going to toss that hot take out there for everyone else to take as they wish. You have to be a little bit of crazy to willingly take the creation and raising of a child into your own hands. So, since A + B = C, that means that people that are parents are crazy after they have kids too. I think, deep down, you kind of have to be to deal with kids and everything that they entails. Take this father whose son had a loose tooth. He’s not going to do the doorknob trick that everyone else does on TV. That’s boring as fuck. You gotta get crazy. Which is what this guy did by tying his kid’s loose tooth to a string and then tying said string to a helicopter. Normal? Nah. Unless you’re a parent. Then it’s just another day in the office.

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