The Pros and Cons of Dating a Tomboy or a Girly Chick

The tomboy has probably always been around and hangs with you and your bros all the time without batting an eye. She swears, can chug a beer and has beaten your ass in Mario Kart more times than you’d like to admit to. Recently, you noticed that she’s kind of hot in that no-makeup kind of way and her body is banging. But can you date a girl who’s basically a bro without the extra organ between her legs? There are pros and cons on both sides.

The Pros and Cons of dating a Girly Girl

PRO: Skinny jeans, heels, short skirts, tight dresses, yoga pants. No matter the occasion this girl always looks fashionable and hot.

CON: She’s a little needy and complains a LOT.

PRO: She aspires to look like a Victoria’s Secret model so her body is in check. She eats healthy and she’s always at the gym yoga-ing, Zumba-ing or some other bullshit class.

CON: When you go out together she’s a lot of fun at first but after three or four vodka sodas you become a babysitter and she gets a little sloppy.

PRO: She’s a really good girlfriend and will cook for you, tidy up your apartment and take care of you when you’re sick. She’s also a professional when it comes to cuddling.

CON: Getting ready can take her hours. Her shower alone can exceed an hour.  Then she’s in hair and makeup mode for an eternity. The end result is good but what goes on in there? Kind of makes you wonder what she’s look like without all the fuss.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Tomboy

PRO: She doesn’t ask you a ton of dumb questions during the Super Bowl or get mad when you get in a fight with an opposing fan at a game. In fact, she supports it.

CON: Her fashion sense isn’t that great. She’s always wearing jeans, converses and loose T-shirts so you can’t really see her figure.

PRO: Underneath the clothes though she’s a total smoke. She’s active in sports and goes to work at the gym to burn off the calories from her two guilty pleasures: hot wings and beer.

CON: She’s never really gotten along with the girly girl type so most of her friends are other guys. If you noticed how hot she is, then they probably have to. You’ll always have competition.

PRO: She’s not insecure about her appearance and has the libido of a man. That extra confidence is really sexy and she gets pretty aggressive when she’s horny.

CON: In casual conversation she uses the phrases “bro” and “dude” which kind of reminds you of your bros and well, a dude.

So who would you rather date? Tell me in the comment section below.


[Tomboy photo via ShutterStock]