Delivery Driver Has Perfectly Logical Reason For Leaving Package On This Guy’s Roof — No Seriously, He Does


Ajmal Aziz came home one day to find a package on the roof of his two-story house. On his door was a note from the delivery service that simply stated “Sorry top off your roof.” Misspelling aside, at least the guy was kind enough to let Ajmal know there was a package above the door. Swell fella.

One question though, if we may, ummm how to put this…HOW THE FUCK DID THE PACKAGE GET ON THE ROOF!!!!

Ajmal asked that same question, probably in a more civil manner, when he called the delivery service. They provided a logical but odd answer.

One of our drivers was overly enthusiastic in his attempt to deliver a parcel for a customer who was out: aiming for an open window, he missed and found the roof.

It was obviously a silly thing to do and this is very embarrassing.

To his credit, the driver returned to the house with some ladders in his own time to retrieve the parcel and apologise to the customer.

We’ve reminded all our drivers that while it is important to go the extra mile to get people their deliveries, parcels should never be thrown.

We have apologised and are sending a bouquet of flowers to the customer.

And the next day Ajmal came home to find the flowers on his roof.

[via Some eCards]

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