This ‘Digital Drug’ You Stick On Your Face Gets You Stoned, At The Small Price Of Looking Like A Jackass

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You ever wish you could get stoned but wished everyone would know? Like wearing a stoner scarlet letter on your face to peacock how fucked up you are on a Tuesday afternoon? Ya me neither. BUT, if my weed dealer was being unreliable, sorry let me amend that statement: *when my weed dealer is being unreliable, I wouldn’t be opposed to slapping on of these bad boys on the side of my face and watching a Pixar movie.

Because now that’s a possibility. A digital drug created by a company called Thync gets you stoned simply by sticking a small curved device on your temple.

The product has two settings: Calm, intended to quiet your mind so you can manage daily stress, and Energy, intended to kickstart your day, get motivated, and even boost your workout. The folks over at Gizmag put the mood-changing gadgets to the test to see if they worked as advertised or they were just the latest technological gimmick. Results were positive.

From Gizmag,

“When we used Thync at CES, our best analogy was that it was a bit like a safe, digital version of drugs. The calm mode (or “calm vibes,” as Thync describes it) left us feeling us a bit like we’d just smoked a joint, and the energy mode led to more of a stimulated clarity – as if a mental fog we weren’t even aware of had been lifted.”

According to the Thync website,

“Thync neurosignaling is our exclusive scientific approach – safely and comfortably stimulating nerves on your head and face using low level electrical pulses to signal specific areas of the brain.

The Thync System is considered a lifestyle product and has been exempted by the FDA from its medical device regulations and approvals.”

The intensity and duration of the pulses controlled by a phone app.

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The first orders are expected to be shipped this month. The device itself, including four packs of sticky strips, with five strips in each pack, costs $299. Replacement sticky strips cost $20 for a pack of five.

Now I’m intrigued.

[H/T Gizmag]

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