Dude Exposes World’s Biggest Douchebag For Parking In Handicapped Spot And His Reaction Is Predictably Douchey

by 4 years ago

Can you think up a douchier douchebag? Like in the entire realm of possibilities, real or imagined, is there someone you’d replace him with that would define ‘douchbag’ more effectively than this jerkoff? The only thing I’d add is a Bluetooth hooked to his ear. Besides that, this is King Douche. Douchebag face, douchebag car, douchebag painted eyebrows, douchebag extra medium shirt. His kids are probably douchebags too. Those poor bastards  never stood a chance. I’d empty my savings account to pay for this asshole to get his dick tubes tied so he can no longer infest the world with his douchebag offspring. Ok, I need to stop, I’m becoming more of a douchebag just looking at him.