Dr. Phil Ripped The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Mother To Shreds For Enabling Her Daughter’s Entitled Behavior

Danielle Bregoli aka the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl became a household name after her appearance on the Dr. Phil show last month went viral.

On Friday, Danielle returned to the Dr. Phil show and her mother’s parenting was questioned after it was revealed that her daughter hasn’t been to school since she went viral and now has an agent to focus on a career as a social media influencer.

Dr.Phil confronted Danielle’s mother Barbara Ann and ripped her to shreds for insisting on an absurd amount of demand’s before bringing her daughter back on the show again.

It seems like fame is getting to Danielle’s head because here she is telling Dr.Phil that “she made him just like Oprah did”.

Hopefully Danielle’s mother has the foresight to understand that people on the Internet get bored quickly and that her daughter’s upbringing is much more important than whatever fly by night social media fame she’s receiving right now.

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