When Asked If Driving Drunk Over Thanksgiving, Girl Replied To A Cop, ‘Gobble Gobble Turkey’

When pulled over by a police officer who suspects you’ve been drinking, there are two ways to typically handle the situation.

1. Tell the truth

2. Lie

The efficacy of these are pretty irrelevant, as cops aren’t dumb, and they’ll be able to determine your BAC no matter what you say. Jessica Sorensen, a 24-year-old from Ohio, tried a third tactic when pulled over the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She attempted to inject some nonsensical holiday cheer by answering the officer’s inquiry about her level of drunkenness with “Gobble gobble turkey.” From The Smoking Gun:

When Officer Matthew Downing pulled over the car, he noticed that driver Jessica Sorensen, 24, “exhibited signs of impairment.”

The cop’s observation appeared to be confirmed when he asked Sorensen how much she had to drink.

Sorensen replied, “Gobble gobble turkey,” according to the North Ridgeville Police Department report.

Sorensen’s indecipherable defense probably wasn’t helped by the fact that she’d lost a tire at the time and was driving on her car’s rim. That’s another indication of intoxication.

She was arrested for driving drunk and operating an unsafe vehicle.