Drunk Guy With The WORST Fighting Technique Starts Fight With 3 Dudes, Promptly Gets Knocked Out Cold

Liquid courage from alcohol can give you the confidence to talk to that girl you’ve been crushing on for weeks, but it can also give you the conviction to do dumb shit. Look at this delusional asswipe who starts a fight with three guys. He truly believes that he can take on all three of the gentlemen in the street. The worst part is that he can’t fight for shit. I mean look at his bizarre fighting technique that has him lean his face in, prime for someone to punch it. And why is he slapping? It’s like he’s playing GoldenEye and accidently selected “Slappers Only.” He would get rekt by one of these guys, let alone three.

Let’s examine all the ways that this guy went wrong:

  • He is clearly drunk
  • He is slapping people
  • He isn’t even slapping people well
  • He had several chances to walk away
  • He has zero fighting abilities
  • He starts a fight against three guys
  • He starts a fight against three guys who are all bigger than him
  • He starts a fight against three guys who are all bigger than him and can fight better than him

Not surprisingly, he got knocked out with one punch. So not only does he get KO’s, but he gets flattened right in front of his chick. Son, you’re not getting any pussy for at least a month after this embarrassing showing.