Drunk Sheep Misses Intended Target And Spears The Shit Out Of A Passing Car, Concussion Symptoms Likely

by 4 years ago

Male sheep concuss themselves just to assert dominance so they score sheep chicks. I don’t think that’s talked about enough by that soothing British narrator on the Discovery Channel. Or maybe it is, but I only watch Discovery Channel when I’m so stoned that I can’t feel my face. Kind of difficult to retain any information when you forget your own name. But male sheep may be the thirstiest fuckers in the Animal Kingdom. Like there isn’t one other way you bros can call dibs on a lady? A friendly game of rock, paper scissors? A relay race? A sheep dick measuring contest? I mean I’ve crossed oceans and braved rugged terrain for some booty, but fuck dudes, relax on the brain damage schtick. Find a new way to settle the score.

How about the perseverance by sheep 1. I for sure thought he’d surrender after spearing the paint off that Camry, but it just goes to show you that sheep bros will turn their brains into cat food for a smash sesh.

I love this dude casually waltzin’ in at the end.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.01.05 AM