Drunk Dude Gets Saved By Bros After Hanging Upside Down On Fence For Two Hours

by 4 years ago

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There have been plenty of times when you or I have had way too much to drink, stumbling our way back to wherever they hell we think we’re supposed to be going—not without filling a little late-night food craving, though—and passing out as soon as we have a roof over our heads.

It’s quite amazing, actually, that, even in our drunken stupor, we’re capable to maneuver like somewhat functioning human beings.

That wasn’t the case for a shitcanned homey in Poland, though, as he had a few too many and found himself stuck to a fence—for TWO FUCKING HOURS, hanging UPSIDE DOWN—until two bros came and saved the day for him.

Sure, I’ve jumped into the disgusting cesspool known as a canal in Amsterdam when sloshed, but being so drunk that I couldn’t wiggle my way out of a fence is pretty impressive.

Here’s to him drinking away the memory of it ever happening.

[H/T Mirror.CO.UK]

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