Dude With Blunt Grabs Mic During Live Broadcast To Break News: ‘Watch Yo Hoe’

This young man is getting some crucial experience to begin his promising career as a news reporter. The gentleman grabs the mic during a live broadcast for WJZ TV, a CBS affiliate out of Baltimore. He then provides an urgent and horrifying news story.

“Watch your bitch you feel me?”

With the audience on the edge of their seat, the budding news reporter then delivers some more vital news with a blunt in his mouth.

“Watch yo hoe.”

Critical breaking news for the public.

The young reporter has his own style for bringing the news, he’s rocking a t-shirt for the 2000 Cash Money movie “Baller Blockin'” that featured Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Juvenile.

This dude is well on his way to being the next Edward R. Murrow.