Dude Orders ‘Plain Cheeseburger’ At McDonald’s And Receives The Most Depressing Sandwich Ever Assembled


McDonald’s serves 75 burgers every second. They feed an estimated 68 million people a day, amounting to about one percent of the world’s population. Couple that with the current $9.01 hourly wage Mickey D’s pays its employees, they are bound to fuck up out of either apathy or incompetence.

So while it’s unfair to nail them to the cross for every mistake, it’s important to expose others’ shortcomings to feel better about yourself. It’s a defense mechanism that works every time.

With that said, I bring you the story of Alex Moran, a 32-year-old service manager from England who stopped into a Mickey D’s on his lunch break to order a ‘plain cheeseburger.’ Now how can you fuck up one of McDonald’s most basic offerings? By forgetting the fucking burger.


Alex told The Sun:

“I couldn’t believe it. The first thing I did was show one of my work friends who immediately started laughing.

I didn’t take it back because I didn’t have enough time left on my lunch. I was a bit annoyed at first but saw the humour in it.

So I just had to basically eat the McDonald’s equivalent of a cheese toastie. I haven’t complained about it as it’s not worth it over a burger.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson responded:

“We apologise for this inconvenience and believe it happened following the wrong interpretation of what Mr Moran ordered.

We would encourage him to get in touch with our customer care team, who is best placed to look into this.”

An investigation into this matter will certainly not take place.

P.S. McDonald’s for lunch during the work week is a slippery slope. Maybe this was intentionally done to send a message: don’t be a fatass.

Yep, looks like this dude isn’t the only victim. We hear you loud and clear, Mc D’s.

[h/t The Sun]