Dumbass Fugitive Who Fled The Country Following Arrest Is Captured After Taunting Prosecutors On Insta With Lavish Lifestyle

You bros know the age old saying: “If you decide to flee the country while out on bail for stabbing someone outside a nightclub, don’t post Instagram pictures taunting law enforcement. You fucking bafoon.” Or something like that.

But some criminals just can’t get out of their own way. Like this fuckface, 25-year-old Ronald DeJesus Plaza.

According to the NY Daily News, Plaza fled the country seven months ago on the day a jury was beginning deliberations in his case. Plaza was accused of a vicious beatdown on a man outside a Bronx nightclub in June 2014. He broke the nose of the victim, Angel Segura, and slashed him numerous times while a man who has yet to be arrested stabbed Segura in the back. His injuries required nearly two dozen stitches and staples to his face and head.

Plaza apparently thought he was home free after fleeing to Mexico, indicative in the pompous Instagram photos he posted while beachside and in lavish resorts.

The weekend after skipping court Plaza posted a photo on Instagram of a bottle of Diplomatic Reserva rum along with a message to Assistant District Attorney Karl Miller, who was on the case, authorities said.

“Salute Mr. Miller, this is a good rum,” Plaza wrote.

Plaza posted photos of himself with champagne, a Glock, lounging in a bathtub and behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said.

Look at this shed of tools. He’d post photos blurring out his face like a first class fuckboi.


Welp, Mr. Plaza will have to trade in his five star Mexican resort for a 8×8 prison cell with a pot to shit in after he was met by U.S. Marshals after he got off a plane at Los Angeles International Airport last month.

Plaza has begun his 10-year sentence and is also waiting sentencing for bail jumping. I vote an additional 820 years.

[h/t NY Daily News]

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