See The Exact Moment Mexico’s Most Notorious Gangster Escaped From His Prison Cell (Video)

All week the world’s been buzzing about Mexico’s most notorious gangster Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán escaping from prison through a tunnel. Last night the footage of his escape finally hit major news outlets, and we can now see the El Chapo escape video and the exact moment that he walked out of prison. As you can see from the footage, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel had less than zero concern that a prison guard was going to thwart his escape. We don’t have audio, but presumably there was more than a little noise when a bunch of dudes were building a tunnel directly into a man’s prison cell.

The first thing I noticed about this video is that iPad (or other tablet) sitting on his bed. Aside from that noticeable piece of luxury I sort of expected to see a lot more amenities in there. This is a billionaire who is tapped into every level of law enforcement in the country of Mexico, and can basically have anyone offed on a whim if he so chooses. Meaning that if a guard denies him anything at any point he can basically have every trace of that guard and his family wiped from the face of the planet…and not even bat an eyelash. So where’s the flatscreen? Where’s his hookah? Where’s the stripper pole? After the image of steak and lobster we all had from the movie Goodfellas I’m pretty sure we all have a good idea of what a gangster’s prison cell should look like, and I’d expect it to be 10000x fold for the billionaire leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.