This Family Turned Their Home Into An INSANE Christmas Light Show Synced With A Dubstep Beat

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My name is Matt, I’m 28-years-old, and I’m fucking obsessed with Christmas lights. When home for the holidays, my buddies and I have made a tradition out of taking down a candy-cane sized blunt and riding around the Boston-area neighborhoods famous for their Christmas light display. I can remember parking outside of one house for no less than 20 minutes. The house didn’t have so much as a wreath on the door but some hottie was getting undressed in the bedroom window so we thought we’d chill for a minute. i digress.

The light display above is so next level, I feel like calling it a ‘display’ is selling it short. It’s a fucking masterpiece.

Matt Johnson and his San Antonio Texas family have been putting up these light spectacles since 2013 and their latest creation is the ultimate–an 11-minute show including 7,827 lights that are synced to a customized dubstep beat that would make Skrillex cream his pants.

Johnson and his family pictured below:

johnson fam

Johnson told Buzzfeed that orchestrating the masterpiece which runs nightly from 6-10 pm takes a world of commitment and know-how.

“I have not kept track of the hours but I bet I average about 4-6 hours per 10 seconds of show, the show is 11 minutes long so around 450 to 650 hours.”

One surprising detail is that the energy consumption of almost 8,000 lights is hardly detectable on the Johnson power bill.

“It does not cost much to run. I calculated the power last year and it uses the same amount of power as a hair dryer. It is barely noticeable on our power bill.”

On top of joy it gives his children, Johnson is using the display to fund a bro cause–hoping people who enjoy the show will donate to their fundraising project to help them build a well for a village in Africa.

The Johnson’s hope to raise $10,000 for their project and have raised $1,500 so far. You can donate to the Johnson’s Clean Water Challenge here.

Your move, McCallister family.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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