The Man Who Yelled ‘FHRITP!!!’ At A Reporter Has Been Fired From His $100,000 A Year Job

Remember the guy who yelled “FHRITP!!!” at a Toronto reporter outside a soccer game? Boy, he thought he was hilarious. So did his buddies! “WHAT A LEGEND! YOU REALLY SHOWED HER” I’m sure they said to themselves afterwards, patting themselves on the back.

His employer, the electric utility company Hydro One? Not so much.

One of the men in the video that went viral was Shawn Simoes, an assistant network management engineer at Hydro One. His salary was over $100,000 last year.

That’s a nice paycheck.

Via the Toronto Star:

Hydro One is firing an employee involved in Sunday’s incident, while Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is taking steps to have the fans involved banned for “at least” a year.

A Hydro One spokesperson identified the employee as Shawn Simoes, an assistant network management engineer who made $106,510 last year. He appears on-camera laughing and taunting, alongside several other men.

“Regarding the incident at the Toronto FC game between a (CityNews) reporter and fans, Hydro One is taking steps to terminate the employee involved for violating our Code of Conduct,” said Hydro One spokesperson Daffyd Roderick.

When Hunt asked Simoes on-camera how his mother would feel if she saw him talking like that, he responded, “Oh, my mom would die laughing, eventually.”

Yes, I bet your mom is dying laughing about her son losing his six-figure job over a tired Internet thing. I bet she’s the queen of the tennis club, fielding questions to her friends over ice tea about whether or not her loser son is going to move back into the family basement since he’s out of work. I bet she just thinks you losing a job because you were a tool is HILARIOUS.

Now was it worth it, idiot?

The universe has a fun way of putting douchebags in their place sometimes.

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