Mad Scientist Builds ‘Deathstar’ Filled With 5,000 Fireworks And I Believe This Is A Good Use Of The Word EPIC

by 3 years ago

Colin Furze has amassed one of the most popular channels on YouTube by building some of the craziest inventions imaginable. Recently we saw him building a working replica of the flaming guitar from Mad Max: Fury Road. Not too long ago he constructed a fully functional ‘hoverbike‘, and a long while back he first came on my radar when he built a giant flaming fart machine whose sole purpose was to send flaming farts in the direction of France, because why the hell not?

Recently Colin Furze eclipsed the 3 million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel and to celebrate this momentous occasion he constructed a real/working ‘Deathstar’ complete with 59 fuses and 5,000 fireworks. I’m not a big fan of using the word ‘epic’ on the Internet because it gets tossed around so cavalierly, but I feel like using the term epic to describe a fucking DEATHSTAR made out of 5,000 fireworks is pretty apropos, so I’m rolling with it here. Apologies if it rustled your jimmies, I don’t use that word in blog posts very often so it’s not likely that you’ll see it again soon.

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