Apparently There Is A Fish That If You Eat It, You Trip Your Face Off

Forget sketchy drug dealers selling you little pieces of paper that you can’t be certain contain acid and trying to grow your own mushrooms in a completely non-sterile environment under your bed. There’s an easier way to melt your eyes with visuals.

By eating a fish. Not only will you be getting your requisite Omega-3 fatty acids, you’ll be having the time of your damn life.

The specific fish in question is the Salema porgy. That’s it right up there, ready to blow your mind. It’s prevalent in the Mediterranean and was consumed during Roman times, presumably to add to the bacchanalia. Because a drunken orgy is great, but a drunken orgy while hallucinating is much, much better.

Ever fucked on LSD? What are you waiting for?

Whatever the psychotropic properties of the fish are, they hit fast and long. The high comes within minutes, and lasts for up to 36 hours. The porgy made news back in 2006 when two people ate it at a restaurant and went loopy (it’s making the rounds today because of a Reddit TIL). From Chemical Toxicology:

A 40-year-old man experienced mild digestive troubles and terrifying visual and auditory hallucinations after eating a specimen of Sarpa salpa in a restaurant. As he had severe behaviour troubles, he was managed in the hospital and recovered 36 h after the meal. He was unable to recall the hallucinatory period. Another man, 90-years-old and previously healthy, had auditory hallucinations 2 h after eating a specimen of Sarpa salpa. The two following nights, he had numerous nightmares and recovered spontaneously after a period of 3 days

It is believed the fish gets its hallucinogenic properties by consuming algae in the ocean.

I bet they woulda been great friends with the dinosaurs.

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