Florida Man Shoots 719-Pound Alligator With Crossbow, Wrestles It Into Submission


Hey guys. How was your weekend? Eventful? Do you have an epic story to share?

Odds are it pales in comparison to the tale of a Florida dude who took down a 13-foot, 719-pound alligator.

Fed up with the “aggressive” reptile’s behavior, Clark Woodsby went all Rambo and took the law into his own hands, claiming he “struck the behemoth in the shoulder with “a perfect shot” from 15 yards away, then wrangled it onto a boat and shot it in the head with a .357 Magnum with help from three buddies.”

The unfortunate gator will now be served at Woodsby’s chain restaurants, an sad end for a once-proud beast.

In other alligator news, a bunch of hunters in Mississippi found Civil War era bullets in the hide of another slayed beast, raising all sorts of questions.

Tough weekend for the species.

[H/T: New York Post]