The Internet Raged When A Florida Woman Duct-Taped Dog’s Mouth And Posted Cruel Photo On Facebook

Katie Brown’s dog was barking too much for her to handle, so instead of training the dog she took the easy and cruel method: she duct-taped the dog’s mouth shut. She thought her excessive punishment was such a splendid idea that she posted a photo of her dog on Facebook. It quickly prompted outrage and numerous complaints to authorities.

The photo of the chocolate Labrador with silver duct tape all around her muzzle had the caption of “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!” The outrageous pic was uploaded to Facebook on Friday and quickly went viral. It was shared over 45,000 times in 14 hours, before the dog owner took down the pic.

Brown, who is from South Daytona, Florida, was immediately hit with anger over the photo. She responded on the social media site by saying, “Dont panic everyone it was only for a minute but hasnt barked since… POINT MADE!!!”

The South Daytona Police Department has been inundated with calls, some from as far away as Australia. There were so many tipsters calling the police station that the S.D.P.D. had to beg callers to stop calling and jamming up their phone lines.

“Please everyone understand that this is being handled. Your concern is welcome, but we do not want to tie up our emergency dispatch services,” the city wrote on Facebook Saturday.

Police have opened an animal cruelty investigation, but said Brown and her dog were out-of-state for Thanksgiving. The photo that caused all of the controversy was taken somewhere other than her house. “However, the police will be contacting this person once she returns to our City. Rest assured that a full investigation will be done and appropriate action will be taken,” the city said in a statement.



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