The Billionaire Founder And CEO Of Under Armour Has Some A+ Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

Kevin Plank is the billionaire founder and CEO for Under Armour, the sportswear behemoth that just keeps growing and growing.

Earlier this week Plank spoke at SXSW talking about how the Baltimore-based company plans on growing from $4 billion in current revenue to $7.5 billion by 2018, according to Ad Week. He also dished out some extremely valuable advice to Fast Company:

Preach, Plank! Preach! Every day our inboxes here at BroBible are stuffed with pitches from entrepreneurs trying to be the next big thing. For every diamond in the rough like Snapchat that we miss,  there are a thousand start-ups with no cohesive business plan.

The #1 rule to winning: Out-care the competition. Passion and determination uber alles. A great mentor told me that once. The #2 rule: Know how you manage your wallet AND your war chest.

[H/T: Ben Hebert]

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