You Can Learn How To Get Super Gains And Many Laughs When Lifting Is Casually Explained

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“Lifting isn’t a hobby, it’s a journey. And that journey often begins with feelings of inadequacy and ends with feelings of inadequacy but now you can’t wear jeans and you sink in pools.”

The fine folks over at Casually Explained utilize their entertaining YouTube channel to delve into many topics including dating, the aging process and evolution. In their latest effort they bring their desert dry sense of humor to casually explain lifting.

Casually Explained gives you pertinent information on how to become a brawny body builder. Of course you’ll need a tight tank top, a loose hoodie, weightlifting shoes to make you taller, a weightlifting belt so that everyone knows you’re a powerlifter and not just a regular fat guy, a grapefruit, an Instagram account and many visits to

But they also provide this delicious-sounding recipe for a protein shake that is sure to provide super gains.

-2 cups of whole milk

-2 scoops of whey protein

-1½ banana

-1 picture of Steve Cook

Hopefully you continue your rigorous workouts despite the fact that you will always fit through doors.

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