Vegan Chick Thinks Man Should Be A Vegan Because He Owns A Pet Goat, Has No Idea The Guy’s A Comedian, Gets Torched

It’s been months since we last saw Gary the Goat, but before we catch up on Gary we need to talk about veganism for a quick minute. Everyone knows the First Rule of being a vegan: that you must tell every single person you come in contact with that you yourself are a vegan, even if that person couldn’t give two shits about your stupid lifestyle choices. The second rule of being a vegan is you must communicate this information in a way that makes strangers want to punch you in the face. Lastly, the third rule of being a vegan is you must confront strangers on the street and proselytize your veganism even if that stranger on the street happens to be a goat.

Gary the Goat is owned by an Australian comedian, Gary’s owner is not a vegan and I’m assuming that Gary himself eats more than just grass. This chick wants to change both of their lifestyles, and she’s pushing her veganism pretty hard while this dude’s cracking jokes to her face and they’re going right over her head:

She was completely oblivious to the ‘he’s on the grass’ line. This chick’s probably never heard a joke in her entire life. She’s likely been told thousands of jokes, but I’m guessing she hasn’t heard or gotten a single one of them.

For more from Gary the Goat and his owner you can follow that link!

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