German Students Invite Stripper To Their Year End Classroom Party, Gives Student Lap Dance In Front Of Teacher (Video)



Nothing kills the Memorial Day vibe like being one upped by Germany. I cried red, white, and blue tears when I heard that German students are traditionally allowed to organize parties on school grounds to celebrate their graduation. One’s imagination may lead them to believe that these parties could get beautifully chaotic real quick. And that’s what happened at this secondary school in Munich.

A group of industrious students invited a stripper to their end of the year class party, getting teacher approval by telling them a woman was coming to speak about ‘equal rights.’ Brilliant. And after 33-year-old Jarly showed up in a sporting business attire–a blazer and suit pants–the teacher was probably preparing for the lamest year end party since the formation of the German Empire 150 years ago.

Then, according to Daily Mail, dreams came true.

After welcoming the pupils and starting to talk about the relationship between teachers and students, she invited some of the students onto a podium where – to the delight of the audience – she started to strip off.

Video showed Jarly climbing almost naked onto one student’s lap and pushing his face between her breasts – and then wrapping herself in a blue towel to remove her underwear.

Teachers decided to allow the woman to finish the show because all of the pupils were technically adults and there were no minors in the room.

The footage has been shared thousands of times on social media, and rightfully so.

A deeper dive into Jarly reveals that she has her own YouTube channel called AllAboutSex dedicated to giving people sex advice–which covers everything from porn to penis length. Build the fucking brand, Jarly. You go girl.

[h/t Daily Mail]