12 Gifts Guys Want to Receive From Their Girlfriend

It could be bad. But fear not, Bros. We've come up with the perfect list of gifts you want to get from the love of your life. So all you need to do is forward her this list, then relax while you get showered with the best games, finest booze and nicest gear.

You're welcome.

1. Eastbound and Down Season Four 

If you and your girlfriend are the type to stay in on a Saturday night (or even if you aren't), there isn't a better series to binge watch now than Eastbound and Down. Have a good, deep laugh (it's an aphrodisiac) while watching the ridiculousness that is Kenny Powers. Catch up on the fourth and final season, or start from the beginning and download all four seasons. This time around, Powers is as good as he's ever been, as he tries to get back on top with a sports show of his own, forsaking his family and friends in the process. 

Download it here.

2. Angel's Envy Cask Strength

Two quick questions. One, does your girlfriend love you? Two, does she love you enough to buy you the best bourbon in the history of the world? Sure, you hear all about Pappy Van Winkle, but Angel's Envy Cask Strength just took home Spirit Journal's coveted best spirit in the world award. Of every liquor out there, this is the best. It's also cheaper than any bottle of Pappy and, if you are into that sort of thing, 123 proof. 

Buy it here.

3. Call of Duty: Ghosts

Your girlfriend takes up a lot of your time. There are dinners and double dates and loads of other obligations. When you get some time to yourself, you deserve to enjoy it. The least she can do is make sure you are entertained. That's where the best first-person shooter game of the decade comes in. Call of Duty: Ghosts is the latest chapter of Activision's phenomenal franchise. This version is their best yet, with an entirely new storyline set in a whole new world. Plus, it's revamped multiplayer experience is the perfect way to unwind with your Bros after serious lady time.

Buy it here

4. TaylorMade SLDR

A Bro who has had a good day on the links is a satisified Bro. Have your girlfriend help with your overall happiness by getting you this new driver from TaylorMade. The club's unique adjustment system can help you shape shots with the twist of a screw and not the revamp of a swing. It's the driver designed for every golfer: slice or hook, loop or hitch. 

Buy it here.

5. Bleecker Coach Watch

You know how you buy your girlfriend jewelery all the time? Well, watches are like a nice necklace for men. It's about time she reciprocated your generosity. Make sure she does it right, with Coach's newest addition to their Bleecker collection. This watch has a luscious brown leather strap and a vivid display. It's like diamonds, but for your wrist (also it's cheaper and more useful than diamonds).

Buy it here.

6. Vintage Beer Can Glasses

Nowadays, everyone is all about craft beer. Oh, this hop boil lasted precisely 57 minutes. Show the world you don't have any need for high-end IPAs with these vintage American beer glasses. They are shaped just like beer cans, but with a great heft to them. And they recall a time when you sat down to order a beer and your only option on the menu was “Beer.”

Buy it here.

7. Jack Spade Dopp Kit

If I know you, you either carry your toiletries in a gallon Ziploc bag or the same worn out Lands End thing your mother bought you over 12 years ago. This Jake Spade Dopp Kit is how a man travels. The bright case shows a flash of panache while the flat base makes it a breeze to use. It is sure to stand out in a sea of sorry bags that will be in the hotel bathroom of your best bud's bachelor party next summer.

Buy it here

8. Alaskan Guide Shirt

You could wear some fake flannel shirt this winter, or you could be out and about in the most rugged brand in the business. Once you start wearing Filson's shirts, you'll never go back. These guide shirts are preferred by Alaskan bush pilots as they navigate the worst snow storms the world knows. And it will last you a lifetime.

Buy it here.

9. Pointehaven Plaid Flannel Sheet Set

How old are your sheets? There's a reason your girlfriend is hesitant to stay over as much as you'd like. Tell her to help you out, by picking up these cozy flannel sheets from Pointeheaven. They're heavy enough to keep you warm all winter when your girlfriend's not around, and they'll be the reason she wants to spend all her time in your bed when she is. 

Buy it here.

10. Merona Messenger Bag

Your girlfriend will want you to look fresh as you go from the house to office. The way to do it is with this Merona messenger bag from Target. It's cheap, so she won't be breaking her wallet to get it, but you'll nonetheless look like the most put-together man in your office (which she will loves).

Buy it here.

11. Jake Spade Money Clip

Speaking of wallets, yours is probably lacking. But you know what's dope? This Jake Spade Money Clip. It's made from thick, brushed nickel and a spring-loaded tongue that can hold as much cash as you need.

Buy it here.

12. Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask 

Everyone smuggles booze everywhere. That's just a fact. But instead of using the same standard steel tin the masses drink from, drink whiskey like men on the frontier did, in this sick copper flask. This flask comes with a historically correct American birch wood stopper. It is a thing of beauty. Just look at it. 

Buy it here.