Girl Does Most Unforgivable Thing To Boyfriend’s ‘Fallout 4’ Game That Will Probably End With Him Murdering Her



While the following story is told from the girl’s perspective, I feel her boyfriend. I’ve had save files deleted when I’m on the verge of beating games with 0 deaths (a perfect score in my book, depending on the game) and I can’t even begin to imagine how that would feel with Fallout 4. Do you have any idea how fucking hard this game is? I save every 40 feet or so because the chances that I get shot in the head or step on a hidden land mine are at least 50%, so hearing that Redditor whitey-L absolutely destroyed her boyfriend’s game after he’d been playing on legendary mode for 2 days worth of gameplay…ugh. This either ends in murder or breakup, both of which are justified.

My boyfriend recently got Fallout 4 and has since spent numerous hours playing it with occasionally me watching. While he was at work I wanted to give it ago, so during his lunch break he came home and set up an Xbox profile for me and I was on my way. Started a new game where I then spent a couple hours playing until he came home again and let me yell at him because I kept dying. I’ve finally had enough of the game so I pass the controller to him. When he goes to continue his progress there’s nothing there but my saves.

Turns out Fallout 4 has its own login and while I was logged into the Xbox, I hadn’t changed users on the actual game.

2 days of game play and level 34 playing on legendary mode gone…..

While I’m no pro at video games, I’m playing on “normal” difficulty and still wind up getting my ass chewed out. This guy on legendary? Woof. Time to dump the girl and dedicate your life to playing Fallout, my friend.

[Via Reddit]

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