Girl Whose Extra Skin Weight Loss Photo Went Viral After Losing Over 200 Lbs. In Under A Year Is Now A Solid Hottie



25-year-old Simone Anderson used to tip the scales at 372 pounds until she underwent a Gastric Sleeve surgery in 2014. Managing to lose a total of 202 pounds in less than one year, Simone documented her journey on Instagram to serve as an example as to what can be accomplished through hard work, determination and of course, a change to your diet and exercise routine. Not everyone was happy for Simone however, as people began to accuse her of faking her photos since after that much weight loss you’d expect to see some loose skin.

Simone fired back with the following photo, effectively shutting everyone the fuck up:

Since then Simone has had her excess skin removed, had an abdominoplasty, bra line back lift, breast lift and augmentation. “Basically most of my loose skin has been removed apart from that on my upper thighs and bottom,” she explains. “The human body is incredible that’s for sure, the places it has taken me, the huge changes it has witnessed and how much it continues to change still blows my mind.” Via Daily Mail:

Ms Anderson went under the knife for nine hours and was excited by the prospect of never again having to tuck her loose skin into her pants.

And though she was in a lot of pain and was ‘quite miserable’ shortly after the procedure, Ms Anderson was very pleased with the results: ‘My body is so, so amazing, I couldn’t be happier,’ she said at the time.

‘I cannot wait for summer… I’ll be fully recovered and definitely be in a bikini.’(via)

Judging from her transformation photos, the confidence to wear a bikini is more than well deserved:

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