Girl Finds Out Boyfriend Is Married And Cheating On Wife With Her, Implodes His Life With Simple, Effective Revenge

Today’s lesson: sometimes, the easiest route is the best route, as Redditor fushawn recently learned. Instead of formulating some complicated plot involving money laundering, falsifying police records and framing her ex-boyfriend with a bucket of possibly-fake-yet-possibly-not-hmmm-this-is-questionable blood splattered all his apartment, fushawn came up with a simple, yet effective way to get back at her ex. Except he wasn’t even her ex – well, I suppose technically he was, but he was also still married to another woman while they were dating.

Cue life-imploding revenge:

I met a guy online who told me he was separated from his wife. We “dated” for about 6 months. I put that in quotes, because it turns out he was a total liar. He was never separated, he was still very much married. I couldn’t believe how he cleverly strung me along when I found out that he was still married and how he lied to me. He led me on for a good 2 months to believe that he was really getting divorced and how I was his dream girl, how I was everything he ever wanted, etc.

He was a total charmer, always knew what to say, until I finally wised up and came to see the light of reason. I completely broke it off with him, deleted any and all evidence I had that he was ever in my life and went no contact. It was such an emotionally bad situation that I found myself in – having dated someone married, and not realizing the depths of his lies. I missed him, and yet I loathed him at the same time. I despised myself for having been led on and for having fallen so hard for him. I hated that he manipulated me into thinking there was a chance for us when he was still fully married. I couldn’t believe that I was pining for someone as unworthy as he was and that he had purposely and deliberately led me on for so many months.

About month after I broke up with him, I found him online again – with the very same profile, stating that he was separated, but now looking for a FWB situation. I was LIVID. All the anger I had and the rage I had towards him that I never expressed just finally welled up, turned my blood icy cold and I just wanted revenge. So I decided I would take revenge:
I engaged him online under a fake profile and got him to admit that he had dated and had a girlfriend (me) before bringing him to wanting a FWB situation. I got him to state that he was separated and that his divorce would be finalized soon – all the same lies he used when we “dated.” I say “dated” in quotes because really, we were cheating. I just was led to believe that we were dating. Stupid me.

I then printed out copies of everything that could be used as evidence of his cheating: I captured screenshots of his profile, as well as the photos of himself that he took. I printed out conversations I had posing as a potential FWB for him – including the ones where he admitted to having a girlfriend – put them all in a large white envelope, added a note with it that said, “Sorry you’re married to a cheater.” and mailed it anonymously to his wife.

I got such an adrenaline rush out of planning and executing that revenge. The moment I slipped that envelope into the mailbox will be one I will never forget – my heart was beating so fast, my pulse was racing, it was such a high. I even left myself a long voice memo where I told him off and said all the angry things I wish I had said to him before – that he was a piece of shit who thought he was so smart, fooling both me and his wife. But that I ended up being smarter than him, and that I hoped his life crashed and burned as a result of my blowing up his lies to his wife.

A week or so later after I sent that envelope, he blew up my phone calling over and over again, but never leaving a message. This went on for 2 days until I blocked his phone calls and his texts.

That period of knowing him and acting on that revenge put me in a dark place, one that I don’t wish to return to. But I know now that I have a dark side that will and can exact revenge if I’m ever crossed like that again.

So, fuck you, Shawn. I know your life will never be the same again. Karma was a bitch with my name all over it.

[Via Reddit]